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    I was on the phone with two people (on "On Hold" and one active). The "On Hold" person hung up, but the call remained displayed on my Treo. When I swapped calls, I heard nothing. When I swapped back (supposedly to my active call), I heard a dial tone. Then I swapped again (supposedly to my hung up, "On Hold" call) and was able to continue talking on my active call. So, basically, the Treo was telling me that I was talking to a different person than I really was.

    I repeated swapping, just to figure out what was going on, and noticed that I always had the same pattern. The display would update with each swap, but I had to swap twice to get back to my original call, so the disply and the actual call would get out-of-sync.

    Has anyone had this happen to them?
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    i hate that feature; there is no way (that I know of) to hang up the first call after switching over to the second....major defect in my opinion

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