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    Okay first off let me say I dont work with computers so I am not the most technical.
    Okay now for the problem.
    My phone wont sync and it is acting very wierd. There is a little flashing black dot in the lower right corner. This started yesterday after phone had been in my pocket.
    I have tried to sync using bluetooth, the cable and IR. Everytime it says
    "unable to initiate HotSync operation because the port is in use by another application".
    So between the flashing black dot and the not synching I am at a loss. Obviously something is messing with the phone. This is my second one and really dont want a third.
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    Can I ask a couple of questions?

    First, as you're posting in this forum, I guess your phone is a Treo 650, is this correct?

    Second, do you have GPRS, or any email/messaging apps that access the internet? I remember my Palm Vx used to have a flashing black dot when it was on a data call. I imagine this would stop a hotsync operation from working.

    Third, is your PC hotsync utility set up for USB sync? (left click on the blue & red arrow icon in your system tray you should see a tick against "local usb"). Have you been able to sync by any method to this computer before?
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