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    Hey Guys,
    I have tried Beyond Contacts and Agendus. Although both are very good programs, they take up a lot of precious space on my T600 and add alot of features that I don't need. I was wondering if anyone had a contact manager that simply does contacts? I just want to be able to sync with outlook and be able to search by first or last name and/or company. I would have thought this would be easy to find but I would be wrong.

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    TAKEphONE has the feature you're looking for (lookup and organize by Company name) but I don't believe it will sync directly with Outlook.
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    I suffered with the same need... to be able to find all the contacts for a given company. I tried AGENDUS, but if you have a bunch of contacts in your phone (like the 24,000 that I do) the re-sort to change to "Sort by Company" view takes 2 minutes!!

    Instead, go to your CONTACTS and then do a Look-Up by hitting the ALT and Hourglass key (bottom Left Hand corner) and type in the company you're looking for. A few seconds later, a listing of all the contacts at this company will pop up.

    Not the best... but it's FREE, FAST and WORKS!!

    By the way... you can do that lookup to find almost anything in the phone. It will even search thru all of your e-mail and notes if you do it from the dialpad screen.

    Personally, I think it's counterintuitive that a PALM OS Phone doens't allow you to sort by COMPANY, LAST NAME as an option. Wish they'd add that feature.
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    That is a very good (and cheap) solution. Thanks alot.

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    LesMan - thanks for refreshing my memory on the Find feature. I've forgotten about the that built-in powerful feature. Although I don't think you have to be in the Contact db to use it. You should be able to do a search/find from anywhere to get the same results for a company. You can DPAD through the results and select any of them which will bring you to the referenced result in the corresponding application whether its in your contacts db, email, memo or wherever.
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    Take a look at Initiate (formerly ArrowLauncher). In addition to using it as the app launcher, it catalogs your contacts by last name, first name, and company name, so that finding contacts is never more than 2-3 keystrokes away.

    Replied from my Treo
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    LesMan - Thank you for a quick "fix" to the only real frustration I've run across yet with a relatively new 650 (other than the cost of roaming data charges in the far east).
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    Since I sort by last name, I enter all of my contacts by last name and first name. I then put the company name in the notes field. I then use the option key/hour glass to find the comany. (LesMan was on the right track-simpe, clean and free.)
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