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    Right, I've had a look around and can't find this specific issue listed elsewhere. Apologies if I've overlooked it though.

    My problem is that when receiving calls with the (supplied) wired headset plugged in, I not only get the caller's voice coming through the earbud, the speakerphone also switches on. There is no "Speakerphone" button visible onscreen, so the only cure is to unplug the headset and plug it back in, which is obviously impractical if the phone's in my pocket, or I'm driving, etc, and is quite honestly crap for a 500 unit.

    I think this is most likely a hardware issue, as I've tried using a Motorola wired headset, and only get it intermittently. It may be related to the sticky headset jack switch problem detailed elsewhere.

    Has anyone else experienced this, and can you shed any more light on it?

    I have a Seidio stereo adapter on order, which will hopefully solve it (if it's a fault with the headset, fingers crossed)


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    Can anyone help this guy?
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    Welcome to bizarro world...

    I've had a play aound, and I think I've found the problem - a dodgy ringtone

    I've only had the phone a week, and so I've obviously been playing around with ringtones. I downloaded Nokia's Multimedia Converter, which allows .wav - .amr conversion.

    Being a 24 freak, I also nabbed a sound clip of the CTU phone ring, and converted it to .amr.

    After a bit of messing, I realised that the speakerphone only switched on when the incoming caller was "unknown", which was where I had the CTU ringtone.

    I assigned the ringtone to the "known" class, and sure enough the problem occurred there too.

    I suspect that it may have something to do with the fairly high volume of white noise in the sound clip, but it's a pretty wierd phenomenon!

    I'll include the .amr file here so anyone who wants to can have a go and see if they get the same thing. I'm pretty sure it doesn't cause any lasting damage - I've stopped using it now, and everything's back to normal.

    I'd also like to post this as an official bug to PalmOne, but I can't find an obvious way of doing so on their website, so does anyone have an email address I can send this to? (I imagine that all they'll say is that they don't support unofficial ringtones, but it's worth a try )

    I'm damn glad I got to the bottom of this, it's been driving me insane for the last few days!
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