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    I have a curiosity question. I have Treo 600 and a Dell laptop with an IR port. Whenever the Treo is on and aimed towards the Dell IR port, the IR communication taskbar pops up (computer indicates it is ready to communicate with IR device).

    In order for this to happen, is the Treo activating its IR port every time it is turned on? I am wondering if this is a needless waste of battery? I have tried the Beam Receive set to both off & on in the preferences, it had no effect. Another surprise is even with Beam Receive off, the Treo performs an IR hotsync when commanded.

    If the Treo IR port is active all of the time, is this a battery drain, and can it be turned off when not needed?

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    the ir port on the treo is in a sort of discovery mode, it sends out pings tolling the world that it's there. You should be able to turn that off somewhere in the prefs menu.
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    Tekara is on the mark... In your Prefs under the General selection you'll probably find Beam: On, just turn it off...

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