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    I am running 1.0.4 ( recent chatter download ) and am curious about the Turbo function. Probably a dumb question but what exactly does turning this on do? I mean Chatter already pushs my e-mail down super fast. Does turning this one have any other benefit? Will I see my e-mials come in even quicker?
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    It just allows Chatter to load multiple emails concurrently. Particularly noticeable for QSync'd mailboxes, as it usually has an opportunity to grab more than one mail at a time when it QSync's
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    So if Iam having to use a fastmail account to get my e-mails pushed out to me, probably not going to see any difference right? Chatter is running super stable and I do not want to change anything that might mess that up.
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    Right, I wouldn't bother. When messages are loaded one at a time (i.e. pushed), it's not a big deal. But when you're getting 10 at a time, it can be 5x faster or more.


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