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    Quote Originally Posted by tundycentral
    I would like to say that I appreciate how candid, short and to the point and tolerant you've been in the past.
    My tolerance is wearing thin however. All the naysayers can't seem to understand that there is a significant number of people using the 650 AS DESIGNED, MANUFACTURED, and MARKETED, without any problems at all. If you're not satisfied with that, then move on to another device that does what you need it to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KAOSWLF
    Some of my friends have Sidekick2's and they drool when I pull my baby out... and when I pull this baby out anywhere, I get a ton of attention. Overall, I have to say, my Treo is awesome!!
    Ya see, it's an attention getter. That's why so many love their Treo in spite of...

    C'mon, just admit it, it's an ego tool like many other ego tools. However, this girlfriend just don't put out all that much (in spite of what you want your friends to think )
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    Just because YOURS does not perform as well as MINE do not assume that all perform like yours if you are having problems.

    No all these people are not telling a lie to fill their ego.
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    No one is lying. It's a simple human rationalization. We all do it in one form or another.
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    Well since you can't accept that most of us really are happy with our devices and they do what we want them to do I guess you can make up any excuse that comforts your discontent.
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    Like the thread title says..."maybe this is the last one".

    For me (and others like me who love their PALM PDA), I was told the Treo would combine my need for a cell phone and my need for a PDA. In reality, the phone was terribly unreliable - resets, freezups, cut-calls, etc. Like many I hoped 'it won't happen again...will it?'. BTW, my T650 was bone stock.

    Then, one night at the movies with my wife, the sitter tried to call. Guess what happened? FREEZE. I said to myself, 'Well, self, have you EVER IN YOUR HISTORY OF OWNING CELL PHONES ever encountered this much bs?" Long story short, as played out in countless posts here, I got sick of settling. So, now it's back to two devices.

    There are undoubtedly many who are 'happy' with their Treo (in spite of it's marginal reliability as a phone), and are willing to put up with it's finicky behavior. But, as for myself and others, we feel the unsuspecting public should know a balanced picture of this device.
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    Would you believe me if I told you I use my Treo 650 for calls every day and never had any of those issues?

    I do use it every day for calls and have never had any of the issues you just mentioned.

    Perhaps you need to try some of the recommendations given here:

    Or maybe you need a replacement. Your expereinces are not the norm IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkEagle
    Nope... and nope. My 650 is flawless for my needs.
    Glad you qualified this with the "for my needs" bit. Flawless? Far from it... Apparently, your needs are a bit less stringent than others'. Personally, I'd love to voicedial via BT. That, among others, is a big, basic problem with the 650.

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    I have the Treo 650 unlocked: at the beginning suddenly my Versa mail did not work: every time I was accessing it the Treo was rebooting itself!! I have to call Palone and a smart guy made me reset the phone by taking the battery off and putting it in and keeping at the same time the red button pressed: attention, this will erase all the memory if you proceed and select “yes” when asked if you want to do so. At the same time I had to rename the folder "backup" in my laptop so that the phone could not go there and get "infected" by something <<I downloaded accidentally>> so he said (!). I did not install anything more that what it was included in the box with the phone. Today, after some time of no problem usage, the phone was actually on, I could see the green light blinking, BUT I could NOT bring it to life by pressing any button, the screen would remain OFF, and therefore I had to take the battery off and put it in to reboot the phone. What can I say? I guess I am pretty new to this phone and I don't know much about all the problem, nor did I read much in this forum; I'd like to know if someone had the same problem, and I hope in the future to be able to get help from you guys, because after the 90 days of free customer assistance, I am on my own. Thank you, Paul
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    Last night while hotsyncing windows said it did not recognize the user on the device. I though I was about to lose everything but I selected my hotsync name from the dropdown and it restored all files from the pc. this looked like it was doing a full restore without me doing a hard reset. anyway now this morning my realplayer prefs reset is working. I am actually trying to reboot now seeing if maybe my problems are gone for good! (uh oh, tunnel- bye)
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