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    Simple question, I hope... How do I change a device's username?

    I currently have one username which was assigned to my phone the first time I synced. If I add a username to Hotsync, how do I assign the new name to this phone? Seems like whenever I plug the phone in it automatically syncs to the assigned user. If I have two usernames will I be given a choice every time I sync?

    If not, how do I change the phone's username?
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    Use the Palm desktop, "Tools>Users" menu. If you still have the second (wanted) user name there, choose "Delete" and delete it first. Then, select the hotsync name in the list that is currently assigned to the device. Now select "Rename", and rename the device to what you want.

    You can not give a deivce more than one name or actively switch between two names. Pick one and use it.
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    Remember that most registered programs require the same username as the one on the device when you registered it. If you change it, they will probably not work.

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