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    Dont know if this has been mentioned before.
    Sorry if it has been... it may be just me.

    If I exit Chatter using the "home" hard key my 650 (Sprint 1.08) will reset.
    Often times it will reset and wipe out my saved preferences database.

    #377 will give me a few reasons for the crash but the most common reason given is Zlauncher. I am using Zlauncher 5.11.
    Is there a conflict between Zlauncher and Chatter?

    Of course this all started after upgrading to 1.08.

    Anyone else experience this?
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    I don't know of any conflicts, but there have been people seeing problems since doing the update. I'd suggest wiping Chatter ENTIRELY off your Treo (with the launcher) and then loading it back and rebuilding your Mailboxes.


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