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    I bought Mark/Space FAX v2.0 for my old Samsung I300 - a clunky faxlike thing, but it did the job. On a whim I installed it on the 650, and it sends faxes just fine. These OPTIONS work for me:

    Under Page Setup
    Sans Serif font (all else is unreadable)
    Normal resolution
    Margins 3.00cm

    Under Modem Config
    Modem - Sprint PCS Digital Link (there's a long list - this is the one that works!)
    Edit settings - Speed 19200, Class 2.0, use CTS/RTS, XON/SOFF, INIT ATZ
    Port - Wireless Modem

    There is a 60 second period of negotiation between the phone and the fax machine. The received fax has a header that's about 1/4" from the top of the page, but on my fax machines it's 100% readable.

    I wrote to Mark/Space, who responded this morning to say that they have transferred FAX to, which was not aware that it works on the 650 using the above settings. I think we'll get some support.

    As crude as it is, this is immensely useful to me!

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    What can it send?

    Can you send text you typed in or files. If you can fax files, would this include graphic files such as pdfs.

    Can you recieve faxes on your treo as well?

    Also, sounds like you have sprint service... I have a T600 with Tmobile.
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    SEND only, TEXT only (so far).


    Just exchanged a few words with Conklin Systems. They're very pleased to learn that FAX, which they apparently bought from Mark/Space, works with at least the 650/Sprint combination.

    If they see significant response we (the Treo community) will get some attention.
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    yep, i have tmobile too. I can recieve faxes. But sending has alway been the problem.
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    what wireless modem selection would one use for Fax 2.0 on a GSM 650?
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    I had it working too, but this is very sloooooow. If you have a full page it would probably take 20 minutes or so.

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    Sure it's slow, but it works --- and SKETCH works with it! I actually sent a legal document (short but effective) with my signature. It printed small at the other end, but the recipient accepted it as binding and closed the bidding on a deal.
    To that extent, it met my needs and I'm delighted!

    I understand from Terry Conklin that they might implement their own sketch function.

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    I can't seem to get it to work. It hangs up on "Configuring Modem", "Getting device attention", and posts the error "Could not get device attention. Check cable/IR connection and modem/phone power". Are there any other settings I need to change -- maybe in the Network or Connection?
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    I finally got it to work using these settings:

    Modem: Sprint PC Digital Link
    Edit Settings: Speed 57600, Class 2.0, CTS/RTS checked, XON/XOFF unchecked, init string ATZ
    Port: Wireless Modem
    DIal Type: Tone
    Fax Speed: doesn't seem to matter, but I use Med
    Print Mode: unchecked

    Margins: 3.00 cm
    Font: Sans serif
    Resolution: Normal

    It sends the text ok, but I get a receive error on the Fax machine when the connection ends. Anybody know what Error 283 is?

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