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    yes its possible to switch languages but be carefull, i killed two cingular treo 650's before i got the 3rd one right
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    Updated mine to 1.06-ROW without a message stating it would be incompatible
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    Quote Originally Posted by Needatreo650
    yes its possible to switch languages but be carefull, i killed two cingular treo 650's before i got the 3rd one right
    Did you have CNB or CNG Cingulars ?
    Killed ? How ?
    Is that not a complete ROM update or was it modified in any way
    to do some strange things ?
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    I have a CNG Cingular. Doesn't do anything strange for me so far.
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    Did you have problems with your Treo before updating or did it run well ?
    My Treo runs without any soft reset since i got it 3 weeks ago.
    But the language change would be nice for me.
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    Mines ran smoothly since I received it.
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    I think i will try the update, but actually the download site seems to be busy.
    I suppose you are also in Europe ? Which provider do you use ?
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    No, I'm in the US. I've posted a copy on my site in case the other one is busy.
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    The download from your site worked. Thanks.
    Hope my update will also work.
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    Please can someone clarify for me: the PALM.ZIP file is for an unlocked GSM? Thats what I have - and I suffer from around 10 resets per day. Did anyone with an unlocked GSM try it? Did it work?

    if it doesnt work, does it kill the phone? I am nervous to try becuase I bought the phone in the US and am not in the US currently.
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    I sent this message to SHADOWMITE:

    check out the thread

    which leads to

    can you set up a ROM upgrade like you have doen for Cingular that allows us to remove all the unwanted crap and give us more space for the unlocked GSM??

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    Successfully updated my unlocked GSM 650 using this updater. I used Backupman to back up the system before the hard reset and the update procedure. Then restored with Backupman. Now Phone Info says Firmware 01.15 and Software 1.06-ROW. No difference in available RAM after the update so I guess we'll still need 1.08-ROW or something similar for the NVFS workaround.
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    so this memory rom patch that we are all waiting for - is this gonna double our memory and/or fix the lack of memory resets?

    What else will it fix....the earpiece volume/speakerphone volume?

    God bless, Fred
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    It will also remove brandings and apps from your provider.
    Your Treo will look like a PalmOne delivered GSM Treo (Software).
    But it will not help you unlocking the device.
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    how simple was it to do? Do I need an external writer to an SD card?
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    i write this as my treo does a hard reset for no apparent reason!!!
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    It seems to be a slightly incomplete version of the update stable for many but deadly for a few
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    how do you know its deadly? for which few??
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    Things I've noticed that are different:

    More memory. Not dramatically more, but more.
    Keyboard lights dim with the screen.
    Speaker phone volume is now very low - changing RealPlayer volume no longer affects this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracker00
    ran the update from the ROM link on this site on my Cingular GSM phone. Worked perfectly. Version 1.15. Bluetooth DUN is enabled now. Gotta resync to see if it freed up any memory though. After that time for a custom ROM.
    u dont know what u are talkinga bout tracker...stop messing with people in the forums...troll...u could really mess up someones phone with this information....

    ....some peoples kids....yeeesh
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