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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracker00
    ran the update from the ROM link on this site on my Cingular GSM phone. Worked perfectly. Version 1.15. Bluetooth DUN is enabled now. Gotta resync to see if it freed up any memory though. After that time for a custom ROM.
    No more need for the hack or DUN Enabler after the upgrade to 01.15?
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    I'm running it now - I hadn't intended to, but I started the process by accident (I though I could "cancel") and it went far enough to disable the phone (not enough power to turn on the phone, it claimed) even after a hard reset.

    Here's hoping...
  3. #23 i missing something here? i recently purchased an unlocked treo and my firmware is 1.15 and software is treo650-1.06-row. i do not seem to notice any difference in the amount of space i have on this one and my old cing 650.
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    Well, THAT didn't work. I'm now hoping the Cingular update will put me back where I belong.
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    Whew - THAT worked! Back to where everything works.
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    So what happened when the ROM update failed westronic?
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    Now, because I am a glutton for punishment and it looks like I can safely return to the Cingular "offical" ROM, away I go to try again...

    So far so good. Started at 9:20 P.M. Pacific Time.

    Self-reset at 9:24. Twice.

    At this point, it asked my to select a language. I chose English.

    Done at 9:26.

    Firmware: 01.15
    Software: Treo650-1.06-ROW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracker00
    So what happened when the ROM update failed westronic?
    I got some message telling me it did not work. It happened because I did a soft-reset during the update - trying to keep it from updating.
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    I wonder if I now have an unlocked phone? Of course, if I do, I would have no support for it.
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    wow you soft reset during the update, for me it said I had to have the palm plugged into the charger in order for it to even proceed. once my roommate gets back I can use his SIM to see if it unlocked the phone. I have a feeling it didnt though.

    just used shadowmites ROM creation tool to remove the non-US languages. Updated the ROM and it works still. Now I'm going to try adding PocketTunes & ZLauncher to the ROM. I know they're big apps but it should fit. The original 1.15 ROM image contains 18 mb of data and my image with PT & ZL is 15 mb.
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    I am that "some guy" who wrote the article mentioned by ekerbuddy at the beginning of the thread. I noticed a huge surge of traffic to my blog over the weekend, and now I know why ;-)

    Those who have tried it knows that the ROM upgrade works. Whether it solves any problems or increases any free space is still up for debate. So far no one else has reported a huge memory increase like I did, which means that either I was very lucky or I made a mistake.

    Please bear in mind that this is not officially released to the public yet, and the ROM upgrade is for unlocked GSM (not Cingular), so try it at your own risk.
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    I lost about two megs on this deal.

    And the Cingular updater says it's not compatible now - I wonder how I can fool it into putting me back to Cingular's software?
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    Well placing PT and ZL on the ROM worked. ZL works great. I dont think PT will run of the ROM though. Haven't checked the Cingular updater yet but I really dont mind having to run off the PalmOne ROM instead of the Cingular ROM.

    Oh and I also lost memory using the original 1.15 ROM but that's only because of the extra language files it contains. After removing the language files I'm back to my normal amount of free memory.
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    after killing 2 treo 650's i managed with a 3rd but it does not unlock it, i tried a t-mobile sim and its still saying this sim card is not compatible ..... I just hope this 3rd one does not die too so far its fine
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    same, phoneisn't unlocked.
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    Tracker: Can you help me out? How do I use Sadowmites ROm updater? And where do I find it?

    Sorry - I know this has been addressed in other places, but I am lost on this one.

    I'd like to get rid of the language files, too, and also put VoiceDial in ROM, at least.
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    Go to and click on the T650 Custom ROMs link. Download the Custom ROM Tool for PC. The program builds the ROM from a file called "". From the original 1.15 zip file, its in PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo650.ROW\

    What I did was copy the file into the T650 Tool folder. Then open up T650Rom.exe which will let you build ROMs. Select the file and click on Open ROM Zip. Click on Select All to place all those files into the ROM you want to build. If you want to remove files from the new ROM, just double click on the file you want to remove on the right hand side. After that just click on Build It! This creates two files & in a folder called CustomRom. Copy those two files into the PALM\DeviceCustomizer\Treo650.ROW folder making sure to replace the two already in there. Now just put that entire PALM folder back onto the SD card and its the same process as the first time you updated.

    Oh after you add all the required ROM files, you can add the VoicePad by browsing for the PRC and inserting it. To remove the language files, I just removed all the files with "deDE, esES, frFR, itIT" endings. There's also one DefConnectionDB_jpJP.pdb in there. I removed that too.
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    My update did not keep my configuration for Docs to Go - as soon as I put the files back on the SD Card where they belong my RAM jumped up to where it belongs.
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    argh I can't get PocketTunes to run from ROM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndprxguy
    I installed the 1.15 rom successfully on a Cingular Treo 650. No noticable problems so far. I can now use DUN without any trouble on my G4 Powerbook.
    Just curious: You could install that "ROW" firmware on a Cingular Treo ?
    Was there no message that the ROM would not be compatible ?
    I remember that this was not possible on a Treo 600 (CNG --> ROW).
    You had to first patch the information in the Treo with Tokenwriter.

    Do the international language files readlly use memory ? Is that not only ROM
    space used ?

    I also have a Cingular (CNB) Treo and would like to switch from English to
    another language. That should be possible now, right ?

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