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    I was browsing last week and found, probably through this forum, an aluminum case similar to innopocket and rhinoskin, but with the keyboard area open for use while case is closed. I cannot find this again, does anyone know the manufacturer???? Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks alot
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    Do you have a 600 or 650? Innopocket's Deluxe case for the 600 meets your criteria exactly. The only time I ever have to open the case is with apps that don't have good 5-way support. (i.e. when I need to use the stylus.)

    Seemed like their 650 case only had cutouts for the hard buttons and not the keyboard.
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    I just ordered the Innopocket hard case from Treocentral. I am primarily buying it for protection when traveling. I have a leather holster I use when I am runn ing around but needed something to protect the my baby when on the road.

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