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    I think I've found a major bug, and wondering if anyone else can reproduce it. If I create a calendar item in MS Outlook, on the exchange server, and then use versamail to synch to the 650, and I later MOVE the calendar item to another date/time slot, this new date/time slot DOES NOT get updated in the 650, despite numerous synchs. But get this, when I delete this calendar item from the NEW date/time slot, the item gets deleted from the 650 from the OLD date/time slot. Anyone else has come across this or can reproduce it? Seems like a major bug to me. My office calendar is updated by my staff all the time, and I use versamail to see the updates and changes on my Treo 650, but if I don't check the PC and the moved item is not reflected in my Treo, it could lead to serious problems!
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    Well, using my Sprint 650 and the latest version of Versamail (3.0c), this procedure works just fine. I just realized you are in Singapore, so I'm fairly certain you are using a GSM 650 which still has the older version of Versamail. You need someone with a GSM 650 to test this out.

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