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    This is going back in for a warranty replacement in the morning.. but I could not believe how silly this problem is.

    I take my 11 month old 600 into sprint and say the battery life is only a few hours and used to be days. They offer me a replacement as my warranty is about to expire. I mention that I know several people that have received reconditioned units that have a 100% failure rate.

    They give me a nice "new" unit. I must say, it was a good replacement as my buttons were getting some mileage on them.

    That is until I bumped the unit and it turned off. I can tap the unit or drop it approx 1/2 inch and that is enough shock to short out something.

    This is clearly a short or loose connection. Anyone else experience this?
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    This issue has come up before. I had the same problem with my 600 but it was out of warranty and I was waiting for the 650 so I never bothered to deal. Not sure if anyone had found a way to resolve it.
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