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    I trying to find the info on how to set it up. i searched but couldn't find anything. can anyone help?
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    Go to in blazer and pick the station you want. it should open pockettunes and you can listen to it thru there...

    you can also save what stations you want.
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    thanks I appreciate it. so I got it to play in pocket tunes but it buffers a lot while playing a song. is there anyway I can fix this so it will not buffer as much?
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    you have to look at the speeds, i'm not sure what our service (sprint) can handle...stations that are 128 usually don't work...try lower ones
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    thanks again. i'll try that
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    Go to and select shoutcast. They already organized the stations that will play well on the Treo. Simply select the station you want. Once the station is playing, you can create a bookmark in Pocket Tunes.
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    I tried to stream through Shoutcast but nothing came through. Someone noted it may be my data plan. I have T-Mobile with the $4.99 T-Zones. I hope I don't need the $20 plan just to listen to streaming music on my phone! Version 3.06 PT Deluxe w/Treo 600
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