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    1. One photo per participant
    2. Photos must be taken by the participant
    3. Closing date - April 15, 2005 at 10:00 PM EST
    4. Photos must be taken between the start and end of the photo challenge period
    5. No image manipulation other than basic image processing (levels, saturation, sharpening)
    6. At the end of the challenge period, a poll will be started and will run for 5 days with the names of the entries or entrants
    7. All photos must be taken with a camera on a Treo
    8. All pictures are to be hosted on your own site - lets not steal treocentral's bandwidth
    9. The prize for the winner is to select the theme of the next challenge

    The theme for this challenge is "Toy(s)"
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    Here is my entry - The Army of Duckness
    Treo central photo challenge #1 -

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