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    I thought I'd pass on my experience with the Holux -231. In short, it has been excellent. I have used it with mapopolis in the car and it performs excellently. Also, I have used it in the air flying, and it performs excellent there as well. It appears to have great reception. For any of you interested, I thought I'd pass that along, and NO, I don't work for the company. This is unsolicited.
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    I can second that - I got it for $110 on Ebay, and it has performed wonderfully with TomTom. It has one big advantage over the bundled TomTom GPS: it turns off automatically if it's no longer communicating with the phone. Anybody who's found their GPS with a dead battery after forgetting to turn it off can appreciate this.

    That said, the new Holux with the Sirf III chipset is coming soon. I understand that one doesn't need much signal (e.g., leave it in your trunk or glove compartment and it works fine).

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