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    I've been trying to get some files on my SD card. And it keeps saying its not a valid palm file. Is there any way to override this through hotsync on mac? One file is a WMV which I want to play with mmplayer. Ther other is a WAD for zdoomz. Thanks
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    Bet a cheap SD card reader and just drag and frop. Quicker and easier than hotsyncing.
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    By the way, how is zdoomz.
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    Need to get the WAD on the SD first. Looks good though. I guess I need to buy a reader unless anyone has a way..
    "Murphy was an optimist."
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    you may be able to do this...

    rename the file extension to .pdb


    use file manager (filez or other) to move to card and rename extension (skip move to card if hotsynced to card)
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    It's still a no go. I'll just buy a reader I guess. Thanks.
    "Murphy was an optimist."

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