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    If i plug a wired headset into the treo- is it possible for it to ring both to the headset and on the exterior speaker? or at least just on the speaker?
    Treo 800w 8/08
    Nokia N800
    previously: Treo 700wx 12/06, Sprint 6700 3/06; Treo 650 11/04; Treo 600 1/04 (gone); Samsung i500 (gone); Hitachi G1000 11/03 (gone); Nokia 7110 5/00(best phone ever)
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    I don't believe so. I think if anything is plugged into the headphone jack at all, it overrides the external speaker. At least that was the case with the 600; I haven't tried it on my 650.
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    With a wired mono-headset plugged into your Treo 650...

    1- when you set the ringer switch, on the top of the Treo, to "mute"... any sounds normally played through the external speaker with be routed through the earbud including any ringtones when you get a call,

    2-when you set the ringer switch to "play sounds" any call that you get will play all sounds through the external speaker, instead of the headset.

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