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    Ok, looking for a good system of protection for my 650. Looking at several threads and accessories, I have come up with what I think is an all around good protection. I want to have something that will protect the 650 from dropping and still not be hindered by a cover. I have chosen the following:

    1. Covertec horizontal case (for overall protection) - I like the horizontal one to carry around at work, but I might get another case for when i dont want the treo always attached to me.
    2. egrips (to protect treo from slipping out of hand or when you set it down
    3. Screen protector (to prevent screen from getting scratched)

    I've looked a many different types of cases and althrough I could get one that covers the treo completely, I don't like covering up all the buttons and screen with a thick plastic to make it hard to use.

    Does anyone have comments or a better solution?
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    people must be getting tired of me saying this, but have you considered a vaja ivolution case? (T66)

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    and then a normal screen protector (if you want one of course)
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    I've seen them, and they look like a very good solution, but very costly!

    Does anyone use the skin case for the 650 in combination with a horizontal case?

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