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    Assuming that Verizon really is offering the 650 in the next several weeks....wich carrier is better overall? Price, coverage, customer service, options, etc. I am located in southern Ct. Thank you for any advice.
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    i left verizon for cingular & haven't looked back: better calling plans, much cheaper data, similar coverage, and true international usage...though from a business point of view, vzn's wireless sync is a more complete program then cingular's xpressmail...though since my main concern is simply push email, cingular's is clearly better IMO.

    good luck!
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    can you explain the server side of cingular xpress mail. I currently run a pc on our network as the workgroup monitor for verizon wireless sync for 7 users. I set up an administrative user that has access to all their mailboxes, and the wireless sync uses that account to sync to the treo. Wireless sync is nice in that it sync's contacts, calender, tasks, mailbox (including sub folders). I'm thinking on moving to cingular for these users, but am up in the air.
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    I have to admit, after visiting a Cingular store last week, I'm having second thoughts even if VZW offers the 650 by the time my contract runs out in mid-May.
    I've been with VZW (and its predecessors) for over 10 years and they do have the best coverage in my area.
    The calling plans are the same for price and minutes but Cingular does have rollover and the data plans are cheaper.
    Cingular's coverage looks even with VZW's in my area. I've asked friends with Cingular and they say they have no problems.
    I've got to think this one through.
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    john let me say first, i am not an IT expert, simply a user...but my basic understanding is that xpressmail has a similar feature where one pc logged into your compaines server can handle mutilple treo users - though since i am the only one in our small company to use a treo i have not tested the settings at all. i do believe this is covered in the users manual on cingulars web site.

    yes, wireless sync is nice that it sync's multiple mail folders, all contacts, calendar, memos and tasks. with xpressmail you have access to calendar and contacts...but xpressmail doesn't use the built in PIM database to host the informaiton. the demo on the cingular site better explains it then me i am sure. if you want more specifics just let me know.
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    I was a Verizon customer for 4 years and always believed AT&T would suck in the NE. However, I couldn't wait any longer for the 650 and made the switch. I haven't had a single problem with my coverage. I get better coverage in more areas than I did before, and the spots where I don't have coverage with AT&T, I didn't have with Verizon either.

    My only concern is with Data speed. I was told by a PalmOne rep during the 650 roadshow in Boston that the 650 would not support EVDO. I am now wondering if that is true. I am still very happy with the switch, but would hate to lose on faster data if possible. Since Verizon has never even mentioned IF it would carry the 650, let alone when, this may never come back to haunt me.

    Good luck - tough choice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowdawg54
    i left verizon for cingular & haven't looked back
    I've done same! I made the switch back when the Treo 600 was introduced to the WORLD & every cellular provider was supporting it except for VERIZON (idiots)!!!

    I told them that this great smartphone w/ palm & cellular integrated is going to hit the market and I wanted one. To make a long story short, after countless emails and phone calls to VERZION WIRELESS to pick it up, they ignored my plea so I made the switch to Cingular & haven't looked back!!! Great going Verizon that's why you're always last to get the Treo! DOH!
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    I dumped verizon a few years ago just because the sales staff in the store was stupid.
    At the time I wasn't a heavy cell user. my startac had finally died after 3 years of abuse I was still on my original plan and didn't need any more minutes or whatever.
    I just needed a phone and my number transferred to it.
    So i go to the local verizon store and tell them I just need a cheap phone and transfer my service to it.
    They couldn't do it, or they refused to do it. I was told they couldn't sell me a phone without a plan. and if I needed to just buy a phone I would have to go to their bigger store 30 miles away.
    after 10 minutes of trying to decipher that they were refusing to allow me to spend $200 for a phone right there and then, I told them I couldn't deal with them.
    I walked across the parking lot to the cingular store and point out asked them if I could buy any phone I wanted without signing up for a plan. The guy shrugged and said sure, why?
    I told him what happened and they had a good laugh.
    So I switched over then.
    It was later while talking to them i found out that there coverage was better for the area my wife and I travel in so it was all good.

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