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    no message

    updated fine.

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    Mine worked as well. I am on T-Mobile and have the network update feature unchecked...I was surprised to find out that that feature does work on T-Mobile though...
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    My unlocked Treo 650 has TMobile service and my "Enable Local network time" is checked. No problem with DST change, no message at all.
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    I happened to look at mine around 0300, and there was an alert message to the effect that the clock had reset for the time change. I was expecting to have to do it manually.
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    Please also note that having ND&T enabled is fraught with wierdness and probably stability problems.

    But note that there is a workaround to this problem:
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    I have been having my DST setting unchecked after certain hotsyncs on my windows office machine. I am using network time on Verizon. I have not seen any threads on verizon phones and the DST issue. Anyone have any thoughts/experiences/feedback here?
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    Sprint Treo650 - Mine didn't change, but that's becuase I live in Indiana where we are too stupid to change a clock
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