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    My Treo has been fine for two weeks, no complaints at all except losing the Saved Preferences once due to a program crash (OLD version of WordSmith, now removed) a week ago or so. But yesterday I noticed that my battery seemed lower than usual and ram seemed less than it was that morning, so I looked in Battery Graph and noticed that it was showing a continuous red/green line for on/off events, explaining both the ram usage (BG data) and battery.

    Now.. I'm trying to track it down. I am not using BT at all, only thing I recently installed was a trial version of TreoAlert to remind me of missed events. I've disabled it, but that didn't seem to help. I've also disabled some other programs I've been using with no problems (QLaunch, Crash, TreoAlarm) and still BG shows the palm is on/off constantly. I've also performed a soft reset a few times along the way to see if disabling a program then resetting would help.

    Is there a way to see what applications are 'running' or hooked into the OS? Such as Crash, etc? Or are they all to an extent? BTW, my screen isn't coming on (except very occationally, don't think it's related) but the palm is coming active for some reason apparently.

    I might start moving a few programs at a time to my memory card and waching to see if that helps. I assume that if a program is sitting on the memory card (root directory, not in palm/launcher) the Palm won't be running it at all.
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    I isolated the problem down to the latest version of TreoAlertMgr, 2.3. I've emailed their support people, I'll add a note if they have any comments on the problem.

    It COULD be an interaction with another program, but without TreoAlertMgr I don't have the problem.

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