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    Anybody have any info on what SD card is fastest if I am going to store large amounts of navigation data on the card for use with a GPS NAV system on my Treo 650?

    Much obliged.
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    I'm using an ATP 512MB 60x card. I have about 175MB of nautical charts from Maptech that I use with their OutdoorNavigator palm application on my Treo 650. Don't have a gps, but the ATP card works great.
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    Thanks a lot for the helpful info.
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    Do you not have the problem where it takes more than 45 seconds when you type in an address or place and hit "Find"? I'm using a Lexar 1 GB sd card and it takes forever
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    i have a 1 gig ultra sandisk and its pretty fast after i enter a address.
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    As a FYI, ATP is the card of choice for many of the GPS makers out there (I can't name any). This is not only for the read/write performance, but mostly because of the ATP waterproof/dustproof/ESD proof/extreme temperature durability and strong build quality.

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