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    Hey guys... just hotsynced my Treo 650 for the first time on my Mac with the Palm Desktop software.

    I noticed there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to how "Phone 1," "Phone 2," and "E-mail" are mapped. Some of my contacts don't even show a phone number in the general view. If you open up the contact, the phone number is there.

    For the majority of my contacts sometimes "Phone 1" is the Home number, sometimes it's Mobile, and sometimes its an email address! And strangely enough in the "E-mail" category, it doesn't show a single email address.

    Any thoughts guys? Sorry for the noob questions.
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    Has anyone else had this problem? Or did everyone's sync work as expected the very first time?
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    No one?

    If I install Missing Sync or install the Entourage conduit, will I only be compounding the problem?

    Should this be a problem I resolve in Palm Desktop first before installing either of these 3rd party sync conduits?

    Thanks guys!

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