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    Was this ever resolved? I just loaded Chatter again since I love the program but am concerned about this error. I have a locked Treo 650 ATTWS/Cingular phone. No problem with the SIM card but when Chatter is running and I turn off the phone I get this error:
    Service Connection in Progress
    error please check you SIM card to see if it is damaged or missing (0x7004)

    By "turning off the phone" I mean turning off the radio.

    If I place Chatter OFFLINE it still happens. Is there a solution or work around to stop this error?
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    Hi. I have no idea what this error means; is anyone else seeing it? (And can you post this at as well)

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    Actually when I disable Chatter before I turn off the radio on my phone the error does not come back. I think it must have something to do with Chatter trying to connect or maintain it's connection and the phone turning off. Either way I figured a work around that works for me.
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    Ok, I'll experiment with my unlocked TMO T-650...

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    I've seen that error before, but never attributed it to Chatter... I always just ignored it. Never seemed be a problem other than it is a small annoyance.
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    I often see this on my unlocked GSM 650 when Chatter is connected. It doesn't happen with Chatter is turned off. I have changed my SIM card to a new one and this still happens.
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    I read something either here or on the Palm site that stated you can see this error when there is nothing wrong with your SIM card but an application is trying to access the Internet/phone radio when you are turning off the radio. I never had the error message until I loaded Chatter. Kind of makes sense since chatter is always working in the background. ( flawlessly I might add! )
    If I go to "Shutdown & Disconnect from the Sys tab and "then" turn off my phones radio, I have no problem. If I do not take the first step, then when I turn off the radio and see the Cingular logo, immed. following the logo I get the error message. It only stays o the screen for a few seconds and then goes right back to the phone pad.

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