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    okay..i purchased a cingular treo 650 on a few days after it first became available.The unit was manageable but I have had plenty of resets, slight buzzing/hissing sounds on calls etc.

    My head set jack died on the cingular version so rather than go through the hassle of dealing with an exchange, I bought a treo 650 unlocked on ebay.

    The difference is like night and resets in the past week..i am not kidding. I have everything on my original treo loaded on this one via backup buddy, so it could not have been a software issue. No more hissing during phone calls (volume, esp on speaker phone could be better though). The build quality is better, the keys are springer and the 5 way does not make that annoying 'squelching sound' and the keyboards dim when you adjust the screen brightness. I also noticed a longer battery life and blazer renders a whole lot quicker...also noticed that my pictures don't take long to load in the camera.

    I don't know If anyone has posted anything similar to this, but I just felt that I'd share my personal experience. This just proves to me that the 650 was not fully ready for prime time when it was released. I wonder how many production cycles it will take before they get it right.
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    Thanks for your post. After four sprint 650's with bad "p" keys....

    Is the p key soft or is it consistent intactile feel with the other keys?

    Even though my current 650 works great, they p key still has no click.

    thanks in adavance!!
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    my 'p' key is not giving me any issues either. what's the hardware version of your phone?
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    Do you have a newer version? Idon't think I've seen anyone post a B or C yet.
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    That "p" button never gave me problems on the 600 - the 650, yah.
    Very much so.
    It's like that button on the remote you got to press 3, 4, 5 times to recieve tactile feedback and confirm you pressed it.
    I'm still waiting for the Treo 850 GSM with Bluetooth sensory input and a laser keyboard that projects onto any flat surface in you vicinity!
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    Of course, given PalmOne's AND HTC's issues with build quality [ ] , carrier crippling [ ]and the inclusion of all the hottest newest features as soon as they come out [ ]
    We should see the Treo I mentioned 4Q of 2031.

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