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    Not sure if this is a bug or by design, but all my Palms for past ten years did not have this issue.

    Basically, I have my Treo 650's Phonebook SORTED by Company Name (rather than Last Name). When I do a search by the Company Name by entering the name at the bottom of the Phonebook screen, IF the Company has a Last Name entry, then the Treo cannot find the Company entry. This is driving me nuts.

    For example, I have one entry where the contact is James Smith (Smith is last name)...Company is IBM.

    When I open my Phonebook, I enter "IBM" and I expect this IBM James Smith to appear...but no go. However, when I enter "Smith" etc... the IBM James Smith entry appears (is found).

    Any comments?
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    I also use my PDA for mostly business purposes and wish it could be programmed to give a company name precedence over first/last name but it just isn't to be, it seems. I've always been able to find company listings by entering any part of the company name into the Find function (Option key + Shift/Find key) but that involves extra steps. As a work-around, I typically have one record per company with a company name but blank first & last name fields. Then I have separate records for individuals in the company which include first, last, and company names. This lets me easily find the main company numbers from the contacts screen and dial them via Treo Voice Dialing.

    Shouldn't have to be this way but it is.

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    This was also the case with the Treo 600, and its one of the things that spurred me on to give TakePhone a try. Its unfortunate that we need a third party contact manager to do this, but at least this is a very good one, tailor made for the 600/650.

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