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    I bought a pack of 13 screen protectors. I have used two with miserable results. I can't seem to get it to go on smoothly. Is there anyone with any advice about this or should I just count it as a loss?

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    I've found the boxwave screens easier to put on without wrinkles or bubbles as they tend to be a bit thicker.

    Also found that I need to trim the boxwave screens a wee bit to make them fit best.
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    I have some screen protectors on the way. Is there a good way to clean your screen prior to installing them to help prevent bubbles?

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    The only advice I can give you:

    1) clean the screen first

    2) when you put the protector on, make initial contact with just an edge on the top or bottom, then kind of curl the rest on making more contact a bit at a time instead of all at once. Then smooth it out from one side to the other, always working in the same direction.

    Good luck.
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    I agree, boxwave works best ( ). I put it on with no bubbles and it looks good. Unlike post #2, I did not need to trim, perfect fit. BTW the palmone protector stinks, by comparison
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    i used the palmone right now cuz its what i had to use since i just got my treo.. any ideas how to safely remove it, it seems very adhesive to the screen
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    I am awaiting the arrival of my screen protectors from treocentral. Not sure how well they work. But from the description caption they sound alot better than palmone brand.
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    I use G2's from I 'm only on my second one since Oct 2003. I keep washing it and reusing it.
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