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    I have a Hyundai branded BT headphone.
    it has only one button to accept calls or dial last dialed number.

    I can pair it with my Treo 650. The problem is, it gets disconnected after 10-20 seconds following the pairing.
    I couldn't find the information in Treo manual about bluetooth headphones.

    How do you connect your paired headphone to the Treo ?
    And how do you make it stay connected ?

    ps. I couldn't make any phone calls with it yet.
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    I have a similar issue with my Logitech Bluetooth handset (not the new Freedom handset). It pairs but won't stay connected. I have to place a call or receive a call first and then press the button and hold the phone up to my ear until the handset kicks in. This a pain. We both just have to buy one that will work with it. I am looking at the palmOne or Treo branded one from

    My buddy gave me a BodyGlove one and this is slightly better. It works fine or aoutgoing calls, but not autoconnect on inbound calls.
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    well, I saw one BT headset (from Ericsson) hich has caller-id screen on it.
    (I saw it on treocentral store)
    That's a good choice if this caller-id feature is supported by Treo 650.
    Any idea if this caller-id screen works with Treo 650 ?

    Also I wonder if the caller-id screen just shows the calling number or the name stored on Treo's addressbook. Any idea ?
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    bump. any idea on the above issues ?
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    bump again...
    maybe someone knows why my Hyundai BT headset can't stay connected...

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