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    Hey guys, I recently picked up my GSM Unlocked Treo with T-Mobile. Im really happy with the phone and everything seems fine except for the speakerphone and how loud it is. Its actually very very very low. I can barely hear it. I was wondering if theres a setting somewhere to make it louder or is this a software problem that people know of? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Use the search function, there are many threads on this.

    Yes, this seems to be an apparent issue with the Unlocked GSM Treos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MFizzel
    Use the search function, there are many threads on this.

    Yes, this seems to be an apparent issue with the Unlocked GSM Treos.
    Is it a software issue?? Ye i dont know why the search didnt bring anything up when I tried. But then I saw it on the first page.

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    the speaker on the 650 is really low especially coming from nextel phones where the speaker is very loud.. the speaker on the 650 is not useable unless in a very quiet environment.. kinda lame...
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    The speakerphone is useless for all practical purposes. Even after the 1.08 Sprint update...
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    The speaker phone on the Sprint 650 I own is now very adequate when indoors but I have to say that even after the 1.08 update, using it outdoors went from not usable to just marginal in noisy environments. But it does work on my 650 nonetheless.
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    I'm extremely annoyed that the speakerphone in my $600 phone is useless...especially because my last 2 phones had speakerphones I used frequently ( Moto v710 and v551 )
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    yeah tried the demo in the store...speaker phone was useless.
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    waste of time, p1 needs to get thier act together fast
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    In at least some cases, opening RealPlayer and setting the volume to max increases the speakerphone volume. Go figure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by westronic
    In at least some cases, opening RealPlayer and setting the volume to max increases the speakerphone volume. Go figure!
    This worked for me
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    I've noticed that the speakerphone is fairly loud if you leave it on a table, so that sound bounces off the surface and back up. If you pick up the phone and use the speakerphone, it's noticably quieter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twebst
    This worked for me
    Doesn't work
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunilseru
    Doesn't work
    This actually worked for me. I have the Shadowmite Rom #3 installed so Real Player is gone but I went into Pocket tunes and the volume was at 82%. I bumped it up to 100% and the guy who told me my phone was breaking up on speaker phone on an earlier call gave me a call back and when I put him on speaker, he didn't notice. At the end of the call I asked him if he was able to hear me fine and he said "Yes" so it worked for me.
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    I just can't grasp how my expensive, top of the line smart phone has a phone section that is only usefull in an indoor quiet environment.

    It was mentioned above, those of us coming from nextel are used to very loud speakers.... it is a huge let down.

    I'm just amazed why they would not leave headroom for increased volume. For all the brilliant and innovative engineering it blows me away that something SO simple has been overlooked??

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    Broomhead, I agree completely. I'm now awaiting replacement #3 and I've been promised the speaker would be tested before it was sent. Actually, the speaker is only half the problem. The eapiece also sucks. This isn't a minor issue as you say. I told P1 customer support I will be expecting a refund (regardless that I'm past 30 days) if this replacement does not work correctly.
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    The very low speaker volume is one issue. Another issue of the speakerphone is that the phone *at the other end* experiences droppings in sound in sync with *their* background noise. I tested it at home. I was the other phone, while someone talked on my 650. While he talked, I went down the (wooden) stairs. With every step (background noise) the Treo voice dropped on the other phone. Yes I tried two different brands at the other side. I now understand why people ask me to turn of the speakerphone.
    Anyone else or is it my 650 GSM unlocked?
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    I too was very disappointed in the speakerphone of my T650 GSM as I am not happy about having to wear a headset just to hear the person I am talking to while driving. Why can't they just make these things so that all are happy with volumes that they are comfortable with? When you turn on your stereo in your car you have the option of turning the volume up as much as you like or need to hear adequately. Yeah the people next to you may not like it and at full tilt may sound like crap, but you can HEAR it! Nextel speakers may not be of the best sound quality, but they reach volumes that you can hear and comprehend the conversation. This is my biggest issue with my Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryP2375
    This is my biggest issue with my Treo.
    Ditto. Really frustrating. As I've said in another posting, I'm on my 3rd replacement unit and still no improvement even though they promised they wouldn't send another unit until it was tested.

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