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    I just HotSync'd my 650 and it had to do a soft reset after the HotSync... And all of my SMS messages were gone from today (4/2). Does anyone know why/how this is happening?

    My messages from 11:59PM on 4/1 are still there, but the ones after midnight have vanished. I had not HotSync'd since 7AM on 4/1, so I don't understand why certain messages made it, but others did not. This is very troubling. I had several important messages that were lost.

    EDIT: It appears that it did just roll back to the previous hotsync. It just restored everything from Backup, including applications that I thought I had deleted. I think this probably has been discussed in other threads. Stuff like this REALLY makes me mad at PalmOne for such bad software. Why should a reset cause this???
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