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    I found this:

    It's some kind of remote control app for Windows, where you can send keymapped events from a bluetooth phone. I like this idea because you send events only, as in "pause winamp", "shutdown computer" or "next powerpoint slide", all over bluetooth, no internet necessary and no complex remote screen control. I could actually use this if it works.

    Now, in the requirements, it lists "any phone supporting MIDP2.0 JSR-82" which apaprently is a version of java. None of the samples they have on their site look like anything I've seen on the Treo, but I am thinking there could be something like this outthere.. I know there are Java VMs for the Treo but I'm not knowledgable enough about Java to know what they're talking about.

    Anyone have any idea about this, or adventurous enough to give it a try?

    My 650 is unstable enough as it is, and it's made me afraid of playing around installing unknown apps, so I was wondering if onyone has tried it or would know anything about this...
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    well since the package only comes with a jar for the phone- you have to upload the jar file to a website first to install it. and the desktop software seemed ok except that it only supported com 1-11. my incoming com port for the treo is 13 :-(
    when i tried launching it on the phone however, it said this software does not support this phone and promptly deleted itself.
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    Oh well.. I suspected as much. Thanks for trying it out and reporting though.
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    IBM's J2ME implementation for the Palm does not include an implementation of the javax.bluetooth package. So before any Java midlet can use the Bluetooth stack on the Palm, you'd have to find an implementation of this package for the Palm.
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    Coincedence! I was looking for exactly the same thing earlier this week.

    Here you go:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mol
    Coincedence! I was looking for exactly the same thing earlier this week.
    Thanks. It's funny, you mention finding pebbles in that thread. I found it a long time ago, but concluded that it simply didn't work correctly. I was excited but the pebbles app that could create customizable controller layouts, and it actually worked, but it only did it over data, not bluetooth, at least not that I could work out. Did you?
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    Yes, I used it over BlueTooth. Easy to set up, just use the same COM port as for HotSynch over BlueTooth. Works perfectly, the PC reacts as fast as you would expect a device to react on a remote control. You can flip through a Powerpoint using the Up and Down button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mol
    Yes, I used it over BlueTooth.
    How did you do this? When I go into "connection" in any pebbles app, it only lists serial, infrared and network. Can't see any way to make them use bluetooth...?
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    *bump*... MoL?
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    Any progress on this. Would love to get my Pre3 working as a remote over bluetooth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulscarbs View Post
    Any progress on this. Would love to get my Pre3 working as a remote over bluetooth.
    Did you read before posting? This has nothing to do w/ webOS. This would be better answered in the Pre3 forum, not the Palm OS forum.
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    Didn't know it was so different! Have left numerous requests for help elsewhere also.

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