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    Please don't ask..........
    But is there a way to make photos, or photo albums password protected. I have sensative information I would like to protect.
    thank folks
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    but by using another software..........the pics and videos software will still show any photo that is marked private in another app. wont the pics and videos search for any photo on the handheld and show it regardless if it is private in splash or other software? I am going to search around on this more
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    If you use firepad picture viewer the photos dont show up in the stock photo application because you convert them to pdb before you sync them to the pda and if ther pictures are stored on the card just close firepad while its looking in internal and when some one opens firepad on the pda it will seem like theres nothing in there. They would have to know to go to menu, options, switch to local removable to view the pictures. And if you have a snoop who knows alittle about pdas you could just store the pics on the card in other than the default firepad folder then it would be real tricky for them to find the pics. They would have to go menu, options, switch to lacal/removable, tap top right corner, select palm, select launcher.

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