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    I am trying to install the Sprint ROM 1.08 Update. I created the "TempDelete" user to get the 11 mb free space, did the hotsync, etc., but following the hotsync, I get the message "The ROM version currently installed is more recent than this update. The updater will now exit" even though when I check my phone info, it shows I have 1.03.

    Any advice?

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    Have you updated your ROM for the sound quality fix that was leaked from Palm One? That would include any of Shadowmites ROM's

    If so, you need to go back to the original ROM. You can find it at
    Blue Skies,
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    I had the same problem never did rom update and was getting the same message . worked with T2 and sprint store and no help they gave me a replacement and the update went smooth picked up 6 meg of memory and my hbh660 volume is perfect now

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    Thans, yep, I had installed the Shadowmite ROM update previously, trying to improve voice quality. I'll try to revert back to the original ROM and then try and install the 1.08.

    By the way, has anyone who had installed the Voice Patch made available from Shadowmite installed the 1.08 update and seen any improvement in sound? I continue to get complaints about voice quality and if I can't get this fixed, I am going to have to get rid of my 650.

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