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    I'm of the opinion that use of the hard buttons on the Treo 650 is kinda awkward and not very well done. I did purchase Butler to make better use of the volume rocker, but there are still some things I'd like that I can't find. For one thing, I think the side button is the easiest to get to in many situations (when clicking with the stylus, not typing with both thumbs, of course) and all it appears to do is confirm ringer volume and launch an app when it's held down. I'd like to map the "Option" key on the keyboard to the side button. Is that possible with any utils out there?

    Also, I think having to option then click a hard button to get "alternate" apps is more of a hassle than simply holding the button down. Are there utils that let you launch a different app when the button's held down?
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    I have tried numerous applications over the years to help launch apps and perform other functions. Having a palm with a keyboard makes a program called Colauncher work very well. Colauncher is several years old but works like a charm on the treo 600/650 (plus it's about 30k in size). Colauncher lets you launch different apps with the hard buttons and keyboard buttons.

    I've setup colauncher to be launched when I press the mail button, then I can hit any keyboard key to launch a program. With two button presses I can launch 25 programs (or three button presses to launch another 35 programs). Best part is that I can remember what I assigned the buttons to because they usually correspond to the letter I've assigned (like "T" for todo, "M" for memo, "N" for nesem, etc).

    I've used this classic program about 50 times per day for 4 or so years...well worth the money to me.
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    Try ButtonsEx, you can map programs to launch with a press and hold of all 5 keys of the 5-way navigator...very useful freeware!

    Also, nickfuzz, Butler allows you to launch programs with keys from the keyboard from anywhere (you don't have to launch Butler to do it). Just assign a favorites key to the program and then press and hold from any app and voila!
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    Thanks for the tips. I'm okay with Butler's press and hold favorites functionality, but I find the actual hard buttons easier to use for the most common apps. I'll look into some of those utils.

    As to my other question, mapping the side button to the "option" key... Does that utility exist?
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    My favorite is Hard Button Extender (HBX).

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