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    i've learned that not everything palm has to point to to be legit. has been used for awhile now, and i think i knew of it before i knew of palmone. (well, maybe not THAT long)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Otter Emperor
    Too bad. Doesn't sound like it was for the individual buyers.
    I think that it is geared toward IT buyers with little or no knowledge of the Treo.
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    Can somebody call the number and find out how much the five treos cost? it might be worth going to after all....
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    I am the guy Skippy is referring to. I shared the problems with stability and memory...they acknowledged they as users are having those problems. I talked off like to a couple of them. My sense is GSM firmware update is coming by the end of April...they have to be certified by the carriers (which I sense is either in process or just getting ready to happen. If anyone learns more...please update here.
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    Did anyone go to today's Treo Road Show in New York? I was wondering if there was anything new to see that wasn't already mentioned in this thread.

    I signed up for tomorrow's session in New Jersey, but I'm not sure that it will be worth the drive for me.
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    I'm attending the tom. also in NJ...hope I dont fall asleep. A coupon for a 650 is what I'm looking to get....guess i'm out of luck.
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