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    I searched the forum for this but couldn't find this isssue addressed.

    Before the P1 1.08 update, my phone could "auto answer" (Preferences -> Handsfree -> Auto Answer -> Immediately). But now it NEVER autoanswers.

    Also before the update, if I made a call and my BT was in range, the calls would go to it automatically. After the update I have to manually press the button on the BT headset to transfer the call to the headset.

    BTW, I use the HS820. Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?

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    Bluetooth issue, posted in a few different threads in that forum. Seen on teh Motorolas, Supertooth, and the HBH (?)... There's a solution for the HBH involving reseting the device (not the Treo), but so far no luck on the other units...

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