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    been reading about using programs from the SD card. How is this done?
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    I loaded programs onto the TREO and then transferred them to the SD card via LauncherX's interface. If the program couldn't be run from the card, I got an error message. More program than not can be run from the card. This will give you more memory on the TREO.
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    1st get your free 128 mB card from PalmOne.

    You can moce stuff backa nd forth with th standard OS but it's a cumberspome procedure. So geta 3rd party app like PowerRun or ZLauncher to do it for you. I think LauncherX will move the programs but not the databases that go wth them.

    Some programs can NOT be used from the card. DocsToGo for example has a little TechTool that moves the programs to the card for you (Search for Dataviz Techtool).

    Others that monitor functions, initiate alarms, etc must be in main memory to function. basically any program that can be opened up and put away when ya doen using it can go on the card. There are exceptions....Also anything that ahs its own sync contact needs to be on the card when you sync.

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