View Poll Results: How happy are you with your Treo 650?

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  • Very Happy

    191 57.01%
  • Happy

    93 27.76%
  • On the fence

    30 8.96%
  • Unhappy

    5 1.49%
  • Very Unhappy

    11 3.28%
  • Not sure yet

    5 1.49%
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    So how happy are you with it?

    Select which ever response best fits your opinion right now.

    Me, Very Happy .
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    Very happy. Especially with 1.08 Update (Shadowmite #5)
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    Very happy here as well, even before the update.
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    I'm one of the "unhappy" voters. I do realize the device's potential, and the "cool factor" is definitely there, but I get way too many resets, and that's AFTER making concessions by getting rid of apps I really wanted to run. If/when there's a firmware update that addresses stability issues, I'd go into the very happy category.
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    Update 1.08 reboots more than before. Prio to 1.08 random reboot twice per week, now about half the time I unlock (when auto system lockout is active) it reboots. This can happen two or three times a day. The more I use it the less likely it is the have the problem (1 hr inacitve locks it). Bussy days, no reboots, slow days multi reboots. I have a laod of personal info on it and don't want to risk data getting into the wrong hands if the wrong hands get my t650.
    Other than that I would be very happy with it.
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    I am happy with the device besides the softresets (not even windows mobile has so much resets), one a day (and i guess i'm a lucky treo user with just once a day).

    it's quite fast, amazing display, good sound quality, good keyboard and looks very very cool and small for a pda-phone
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    After 82 votes, 60% (rounded) very happy , 24% happy, 6% unhappy or very unhappy. Guess it just goes to show, even with all the complaints about the Treo 650 on the boards, people are generally quite happy with it. WE JUST LOVE COMPLAINING DON'T WE
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    Quote Originally Posted by crenshaw
    Guess it just goes to show, even with all the complaints about the Treo 650 on the boards, people are generally quite happy with it.
    And that my friend is the point .

    There are some folks that complain, but they really are not close to the majority of Treo 650 owners. (Notice many of the complaints come from the exact same people.) Most owners are very happy.

    At 102 responses the results are:
    Very Happy - 64 - 62.75%
    Happy - 25 - 24.51%
    On the fence - 8 - 7.84%
    Unhappy - 2 - 1.96%
    Very Unhappy - 3 - 2.94%
    Not sure yet - 0 - 0%

    Good to see everyone is sure of themselves .

    Over 62.75% are very happy and 87.26% are at least Happy with their Treo 650. Almost 90% are happy!!!That's pretty good! Many a company would love to have figures like that! Including the wireless providers these devices work with .

    I think folks seeing lots of reboots must have a software conflict or a defective device. If it is happening for you with multiple Treos it has to be a software conflict IMHO.
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    very happy - does all I need - except no software for opening raw adobe .pdf files (from email)
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    I wonder how many of the "very happy" people were previous owners. I have had them since the first Treo, I am currently happy, but this phone falls short compared to other Treos when released, I am "Happy" not "Very Happy".
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    Been aboard since the 600, got the 650 on launch day. Couldn't be happier.
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    I would say after $1,000 investment, I am in the so-so camp.

    Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it.

    The 1.08 update was reset ridden, but what can you do...the OS is 8 years old, for crying out loud.
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    I've had the T300 and T600. It is part of the reason I'm very happy with the T650.

    I remember the T300 and I was not as happy. I also remember the T600 after the 2nd patch messed me up a bit. I was happy, but not "very".

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Attitude
    very happy - does all I need - except no software for opening raw adobe .pdf files (from email)
    I know Adobe offers software to convert files to PDF for your Treo and a reader, but I guess it does not work with incoming PDF attachments? Sounds like something Adobe should work on.
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    Very happy here. Took three of them to get me there but yes, I finally did get one that I'm pleased with.
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    I haven't experienced any software resets and I've had mine for almost a month. Knock on wood...
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    I'm on the fence. I really like the device form-factor and screen. I don't like the memory and many issues/limitations with Palm OS.

    I get soft resets from time to time, but they aren't really an issue for me. A big part of my problem is that the limited memory has some rather severe restrictions for what people are willing to develop for on the device.
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    I am very happy but:

    - the reset issue is annoying (3-4 times a day). I will not try to fix it because that means a hard reset and long time writting again the registration codes for all the software programs that I have.

    -memory issue was basically solved for me with the update,

    -the phone still has a delay to connect after dialing.
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    It's now Day 60 with my Cingular T650 and definitely just the right tool for my Real Estate business.

    Yes I have NO problems with:

    Daily resets
    Memory overloads (8 megs left in internal memory, 513m in 1 gig card)
    Reset loops
    Sticky "P" keys
    Slow app. switching
    Speakerphone Low volume
    Bluetooth volume (HBH660 with Jabra eargel is the way to go!)
    Dropped calls

    So eat your heart out TundyCentral!!!!!!!

    (Mine is quite stable probably because of limited and carefully selected 3rd party apps in my Treo 650 - ZLauncher, Dtbk5, Pocket Tunes, Kinoma, MVoice,Takephone, Splash Photo & ID, Bob's Alarm)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Attitude
    very happy - does all I need - except no software for opening raw adobe .pdf files (from email)
    Not sure if it will do what you want, but the more expensive versions of Docs To Go are advertised as having 'text-based only' pdf support:

    If you try it, please post back your experiences.

    EDIT: DTG doesn't support native pdf:

    Seems it has a desktop coverter just like the Adobe product.
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