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    here's the deal... i've got an unlocked GSM 650 and i'm using versamail 3.0 to access my e-mail via IMAP. i've got 7 messages in my inbox on the server, but whenever i do a sync (or get) via versamail, it gets none of the messages.

    i've gone through all the options and preferences and made sure it's not skipping messages. in the delivery options i have nothing checked (unread messages, and mail from last {duration}). there are no filters etc.

    i've been able to get all my messages all along, but all of a sudden the inbox in versamail is blank. i've also checked the root folder path etc, but nothing.

    any ideas?
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    Does the PC Versamail setup complete a "Test" settings?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AddictedToTech
    Does the PC Versamail setup complete a "Test" settings?
    yup. it all works out a-ok.

    i managed to fix it by just deleting the account (on the treo) and then re-adding it.

    it seems to be some corrupted preference or something. oh well. it's working now.
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    You should try out ChatterEmail if you're using IMAP. Far more powerful.


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