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    The built in media player does play wmv movies. I dragged a large wmv onto the Palm Quick Install and it converted it to .asf format and plays perfectly on the built in media player.
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    isn't working for me...
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    wow. It worked for me. And after all this time messing with PocketDVD studio trying to get it to convert my .wmv files, I had the solution all along.

    For me, it didn't convert it to an .asf file, it stayed a .wmv file, but it worked on the Treo just the same.
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    what branded phones are you guys using?

    It ain't working for me...

    I'll drag a .wmv over and sometimes it goes and sometimes it kills my quick install. When it does finally go in there I'll do a sync but it doesn't show anything that it synced and I can't find it anywhere... DANG, I really wanted to be able to watch wmv's, I have a whole collection.
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    Amazing, who would have guessed? The Media app is otherwise a dog! Yet it plays my 320x240 WMV videos flawlessly.

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