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    I don't know why but my Cingular Treo 650 randomly lights up the screen for no apparent reason. It will be sitting there on my desk idle with nothing happening and the screen off and all of the sudden the phone comes to life. The screen turns on and the keyboard lights up. I don't know why it does this. Does anyone know why or how to fix it? Thanks

    Also, is there a memory fix for the cingular 650 like the sprint version just received? Thanks again
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    It could be some app in the background trying to do something. Do you have your email on a sync schedule? The wireless email solution my work employs wakes up the phone when doing syncs.

    As for the firmware update, it's only for Sprint now.

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    Do you have BT active and Discoverable? Any other BT devices around? This will cause wake-up.
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    My phone does this too and every time it happens, I sigh and say "At least it didn't reboot".
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    bump... any help on this topic? this is really annoying. plus my treo just started acting up and does random reboots now... argggh!
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    wtf mate.

    I have verichat on mine....and when I have it logged in, once in a while it will turn the screen on w/ a msg saying "connecting to AIM"
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    i read somewhere that the treo core media player can cause this. I removed the app and mine seems to rest peacefully now...
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    how is your signal strength? I have read about Treos looking for a cell phone tower when the signal is weak.
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    Well known problem here, only thing I haven't seen (directly said) was roaming. If the phone goes into or out of roaming mode, it will also light up the screen.

    These are things that Palm should have not happen. It seems to me they happen intentionally, which is really annoying. In fact, my wife will often point out to me that my Palm is on when we're together, never know why.. Maybe it went in/out of roaming, etc.
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    On my Treo this usually happens when Versamail is automatically fetching e-mail, which should just happen in the background with autosync.

    Also I notice that any other data activity causes my Verichat to pop up and let me know that it is logging into AIM again. And sometimes the Treo just lights up out of the blue to let me know it's logging in again. (I leave it in "Always On" mode most of the day.)

    Verichat seems to be a main culprit behind my mysterious "power ons"
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    If I'm sitting on "phone" app or anywhere on desktop (home) I'm OK but if I sit on Activesync it will flip on regularly.

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