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    but it still isn't good enough. You can tell the developer was disappointed by the fact that his useful software is being panned by most users due to the price structure.

    Today it shows a 6 month rate of $6.99 a month....which is getting closer to what the program is worth but still excessive.

    And the 3 month and 1 month rates are still out of the ballpark ($8.88 and $15.95).
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    I don't know if the win-hand guy understands that we don't want to pay a by month service. I would pay a by year subscription if it is let's say 25 a year. Anything higher that that is way too much. What about making a ligth version. Come on. It is still too expensive for any body.

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    I could understand if he was the only game in town, but with such a highly developed for OS, you can't help but wonder what this guy was thinking. By not telling people this would eventually be a pay service, and just springing the cost factor on everyone with no notie, he probably burned a HUGE amount of bridges he might have otherwise been able to salvage.
    I personally wouldn't buy his software now even if it were $1 a month. Good software or not, the fact he led everyone to believe it was freeware was not something I'll support.
    Plus, I'm setup with VPN and MobileTS, who needs Win-Hand now?
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