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    Anyone know of any good birthday apps? All I want is something where I can track the birthdates of my nieces and nephews and such who don't make sense to have their own addressbook entry. I'd like it to update the calendar, and ideally track ages.

    A quick test of the ones I found on palmgear left me with:

    HappyDays: Each entry must have a contacts entry. Kinda pointless with newer versions of Contacts.

    IBirthday: Much potential, but crashed my treo 3 times just entering two names.

    BdayPlus: Why would I want to duplicate phone & address info in this app? Also, incredibly annoying that you have to use the palm date selector to tab back 5-60 years if you want to enter a person's actual age.

    Also, none of the apps I've tested have treo navigator support.

    Any suggestions?
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    With HappyDays, you can enter unlimited multiple birthdaym anniv., event, etc. in notes for one contact.
    So, enter the birthdays, anniv, for contact and his/her spouse in contact, and for any other person or event or holiday, enter the info into your notes or into the notes of another contact or a special hidden contact.

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