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    Hey guys & gals. Been reading on here for a long time, but first time posting. I purchased Tomtom for my 650 today. Everytime I try and install the program, i get to the setup menu on my phone, but it continues to say "no map found". I check my SD card and it has the map on it. I have tried installing Navigator on the main memory and the SD card, but to no avail. I also tried the update on the tomtom site, but I get the same results. I search the forums on here, but could not find any info. Can someone point me in the right direction to help solve the problem? I have emailed tomtom, but based on my reading the threads, this might be the place to answer by question. I know a lot of people have had no problems with tomtom on their 650. Thanks in advance.
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    Same problem here - so I installed maps in same directory as the tomtom navigator software and it worked. Spoke to someone at tomtom today - he couldn't figure out why i had the problem you explained.
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    I, too, am experiencing this problem when installing tomtom navigator 2004 to my Treo 650. Although the software and maps that I have chosen have "hotsynced" the "no map found" message continually comes up and I cannot use this software. It has become extremely annoying! I cannot understand how others have successfully installed this software and maps (either on the 650's memory or an SD card--I've tried all combos of these). ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    AdamG stated that he installed the maps in the same directory as the software and it worked. What do you mean by that? What is the same directory?

    At this point, I really need to get this software up and running. I leave in less than 2 days on a trip that I will need tomtom.
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    I need Tom Tom whatever and european maps by the 23 of this month, anyone have any ideas, everyone i call say that tomtom 5 is due, the 20th, cutting it a bit close and no idea about european maps.
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    Have you checked Ebay? I know that there are USA software only and bundles of TTN 2004 available. Wouldn't hurt to try.

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