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    I canít believe they would put such a piece of junk out on the road. I got my brand new Mini Cooper last week and Iíve had nothing but trouble. Everything seemed to be ok until I installed the Snow Plow attachment I bought second hand at the junkyard. I know itís only a 4 cylinder vehicle Ė but they should have known users would want to plow snow. Not only that - but the car keeps stalling for no reason (they say it's the added weight but I think it's becuase they rushed to market), I'm having trouble steering, and I can't fit it in my garage anymore. My frustration doubled when I tried to use it as a Back Hoe to dig out a hole for a new pool. How could they release a vehicle that people were going to use for serious work without testing it in the field. I was looking at the Wrecking Ball option Ė but Iíve given up on that. I had also hoped that I could use it as an airplane Ė but I think Iím going to have to send the wing and tail attachments back Ė I donít think this thing can reach the 200mph I need to achieve lift off.

    Needless to say Ė I am very disappointed. I tried to return it to the dealership and get my money back Ė but apparently they wonít take it back because I took the doors off and ripped out the interior to make room for my mobile arcade. Thatís the kind of Customer Service you can expect from these guys.

    I donít know about you Ė but this is totally unacceptable to me. Iím thinking of starting a class action lawsuit against these guys for pain and suffering Ė whoís with me?
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    I'm hoping MarkEagle will just close this thread before this one goes any further.
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    Maybe Mini Cooper will send you a clip on visor to maKe amends ? You pay the $15 dollar shipping costs, but after all, it is free !
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    jakess, for your first post, that one is actually pathetic. I poo poo all over this thread and hopes it gets closed.
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    Is this dudes name Jakess, or JACKASS!!!!! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Sorry Guys - guess it was a weak attempt at a parody of thge nonsense complaints from all the treo compainers. I'll try harder next time - or keep my thoughts to myself. BTW 'Insertion' - no need to get angry you militant *****.
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    Ya, and to think, the Mini Cooper even had a picture on the box that showed it using a plow and press releases praising its speed and ability to run all accessories from the original MC! I mean, where ever did you get the idea from? (ie, the box that showed bluetooth as a future upgrade for the t600).

    I like the parody idea. Too bad some of our complaints are actually based on real problems and false advertising.

    But I must admit, I've been a lot happier since the 1.08 update. My wife can almost handle using my phone now!

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