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    Is there a way to globally turn off all data connections?

    I am leaving for Europe w/ a Cingular 650 and I want to roam to receive incoming calls, but I do not want applications like Chatter, 4cast, TreoAlarm, etc. (and others too numerous to remember to switch off) automatically connecting to the data network and running up big roaming data charges.

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    I don't think vision works on any other netowrk other than Sprint. So I don't think you need to do anything. If your worried you could go into Preferences, Network, and change your username and password to XXXXXXX XXXXXX. That way there would be no way it could happen. Just change it back when your home and you will connect as usual.
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    Through the first response was about Sprint rather than Cingular, you can change your user name to prevent any connection.

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