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    I'm not sure if this is a fair test but yesterday I picked up a Motorola V551 so I could put my Cingular Sim card from my 650 in it and have hassle free DUN with my Apple powerbook. (I had tried the Shadowmite hack and it worked but didn't seem stable enough for my needs).
    What I discovered was that using the V551 in DUN mode with a bluetooth dongle on my older 500Mhz G4 Titanium Powerbook I got speeds of 100 to 137 Kbs with the average about 122 measuring with DSL Reports. Now I've never been able to measure speeds higher than 87Kbs on my Treo 650 using Blazer and wonder if that's the fault of Blazer or the Treo's smaller processor. It seems that the Treo should achieve speeds as high using it's internal browser as a laptop using bluetooth DUN through a cellphone. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.


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    Using BT Dun I also see very high speeds, while on the phone I do not. I've actually experienced speeds on the Sprint network that I would consider out of spec. On the phone I see around 120K or less, but when using BT Dun I'm seeing consistently around 256K sustained. I'm talking 10 MB real-world FTP/HTTP transfers, not generic speed tests. also reports high speeds in the 256K range.

    I believe the phone is a limitation with respect to speeds, as Blazer is actually quite slow.

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